Drawing, Illustration & Animation


 After getting a brand new Amiga 1200 in 1993 I also started playing around with animation. With a hand held grey scale scanner from Datel Electronics in the UK I produced my first animations on my Amiga. An excellent piece of software to use with those scanned images of mine was Deluxe Paint. By today's standards Deluxe Paint would seem heavily outdated, but somehow it was so easy to use that you where coloring drawings and animating in no time.

I also started to learn to use the 3D rendering package Imagine. Rendering was not something anyone could do at home in 1993 but with Amiga it was possible, but you had to be patient because of the time it took to render.

3D rendering is a hobby I'd love to pick up on again in a near future.

JTVP Animations    (1993 - 1996)

In a nearby city I had some friends working for a local TV broadcast station. I knew they used Amigas there so I made a few animations for them to use. JTVP is the name of this local TV station. I tried to come up with a few animations which main purpose was to show their name in between other commercials. 

Falling Letters Anim

Combined 3D and 2D animation, very fun to do. The character was drawn on paper and scanned into Deluxe Paint with a greyscale handscanner. The background was rendered in Imagine 3D. Had much fun doing this one.

DOWNLOAD :  Windows (MPEG)  Amiga (ANIM)

Flying Letters Anim

Letters flying in from all sides forming their name. Trying to keep it simple, no textures. This was more of a experiment with paths and rotating axis in Imagine.

DOWNLOAD :  Windows (MPEG)   Amiga (ANIM)



One of my first more serious experiments with Imagine 3D.  Minimal use of colors and polygons here but I wanted the animation to have a smooth flow and it was to be shown on JTVP's old Amiga 3000 so there wasn't much to do about it.

DOWNLOAD :  Windows (MPEG) Amiga (ANIM)


Veteran Car Rally

This one required more work than I first  thought. Took me quite a lot of time to first draw this to paper, later scan and color it on the Amiga computer. And finally animate it all together in Deluxe Paint. Some of the background and animations where drawn directly on the computer with a mouse (did not have a pen tablet back then)

 DOWNLOAD :  Windows (WMV) Amiga (ANIM)


 On Stage

A smaller animation, required only walk cycles of two characters. The purpose of this animation was to show some text behind the curtain. The text would be added later by the local TV broadcast station in a program called Scala Multimedia.

DOWNLOAD : Windows (MPEG) Amiga (ANIM)


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